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28 Sep


I sure do wish my best friend Robyn would FREa kI n TE x T mE BAc K.

how long ago did you post this?

28 Sep

i have a crush on this cute girl who works at my local grocery store and i just get tongue-tied around her and can’t even ask her name

28 Sep


every time i feel like i’m losing my grip on life i visit the russian 404 error page

27 Sep

"Bisexuals don’t exist"



26 Sep

there’s this picture that i found on tumblr earlier this week and i’m driving myself CRAZY looking for it!

it’s a drawing of cats jumping out of prescription bottles

and i need it because of reasons

can anyone help me out?

26 Sep


Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer

24 Sep tsktsks:

apple and pear


apple and pear

23 Sep

what i’ve learned from anime

white haired boys will break your heart

23 Sep gemmacorrell:

Today’s mood. via Instagram.


Today’s mood. via Instagram.

22 Sep